Our Projects

“Who is our enemy? asked a child of class XII to a role model, who visited her school.”Our enemy is poverty” replied Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Poverty has become threat to our lives. This can be eradicated by providing literacy. Education from the basic level will help wash away the root cause of all our problems.

Vision, Mission, and Passion are mere words if there is no Action. Therefore, Action is the word that fits in best with the fire we have in our minds to make the change, and unleash the capacity and power of the students of modern India.

Gnaan Vikas

Gnaan Vikas is the first project, which gave birth to Gnaan Foundation. We:

  • Identify Government schools, which are lacking quality education by conducting series of assessments.
  • Fill the gaps for students by teaching them foundations with our innovative methodology.
  • Update our curriculum after extensive research and make this supplementary education more interesting to the students.

Along with teaching some fundamentals to these students, we also train them on extra-curricular activities like Dancing, Painting, Sports, and so on.

Currently, we are working with following Government schools:
1. Government Telugu School, Yelahanka (Bangalore, India)
2. Government Telugu School, Nellurupurum (Bangalore, India)
3. Government Kannada School, Byrasandra (Bangalore, India)
4. Paatigadda Government High School, Begumpet (Hyderabad, India)
5. Government Primary School, Manikonda (Hyderabad, India)

Project G3

‘Go Green Gnaan’ is one of our efforts to save the planet by planting trees and provide good atmosphere for the future generation. This is also an ongoing event, which gives an opportunity for students to participate in the program and bring the awareness about the importance of thinking green.

Project GYM

We understood the importance of career building in today’s youth. After a deeper analysis on what’s happening to the nation, we found that it is youth who could make a meaningful difference to the society as well as to their own lives. We do not want a teenager get into drugs, gambling, crime, etc and the root cause for most of these are due to lack of guidance. We took this as a challenge and started “Gnaan Youth Mission” which provides youth with career guidance, training on computers and soft-skills, personality development and counselling sessions. Our first training center “Gnaan Institute of Vocational Education” was opened on 5th of September 2014 in Yelahanka with five computers.

Gnaan Utsav

This is an yearly event on occasion of Children’s day celebration. Participants from various Government schools would perform art and culture based programs. This inter school festival allows students to exhibit their hidden talents due to lack of required platform and resources.


Making a huge difference by volunteering and actively participating in the various responsibilities undertaken for the betterment of the lives of the school children in your own way will be widely appreciated and welcomed.

After all the betterment of the nation lies in the lives of young and vibrant India and we will give our whole self to achieve this in the best possible way and see India as a growing nation as a whole. Serving the children will in turn mean dedicating our lives for the prosperity of our country and a whole new meaning for the lives we are blessed with.

“A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are things to renew humanity- Buddha”

Anyone who would like to contribute or join us in our mission are always welcome. Please register yourself at for upcoming event.